Pros and Cons of Cleaning with Baking Soda

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In a time when running to the store to pick up cleaning supplies is a little more stressful than usual, you might find yourself scouring the cabinets for a product you can use to get through your weekly household chores. Luckily, one helpful product can be found amongst the baking ingredients in your kitchen. Baking soda is both eco-friendly and inexpensive, making it a great product to use around the home.

As with all cleaning products, however, there are both pros and cons to using baking soda during your house cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN. Consider this list before jumping into your next cleaning project.

The pros of cleaning with baking soda

  • Safe to use for kids and pets: Many typical cleaning products include toxic ingredients, and both ingesting and coming in contact with these products can cause harm. Baking soda, however, is naturally occurring and a regular ingredient in baking, making it very safe to use as a cleaning product.
  • Minimal irritation: So many household products require the use of gloves to avoid prolonged contact with your skin. Baking soda, however, is less likely to bother your skin on contact, and you’re less likely to be bothered by the scent, which is minimal.
  • Low cost: Unlike other cleaners, baking soda is very cheap. Even when it would need to be mixed with vinegar, which is common when using baking soda to clean, you can still make a lot of product go a long way for a very low price.
  • Variety of uses: Baking soda is a versatile product and can be used on many surfaces. This means you don’t need a different cleaning product for every room and surface in your home. It can be used to safely clean your oven, unclog a drain, remove sticky messes from surfaces, get tough stains out of countertops and eliminate pet messes.

The cons of cleaning with baking soda

  • Residue: Depending on the surface and how fast you wipe it up, baking soda can leave behind a light residue. Typically, this can be eliminated by using vinegar in the baking soda solution, but it takes a little practice to perfect your process.
  • Multi-step process: Instead of just pulling out a bottle of cleaner and spraying, you will have to make sure you know how much baking soda to use, how long to leave it on and whether or not you need water or vinegar. This can get tiresome, making baking soda seem less than worth it for larger cleaning jobs.

House cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN

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