Tips for Using Borax to Clean

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Nowadays, people are very focused on making sure their surroundings are as clean as possible. You may be looking for new ways to improve your cleaning regimen, trying to find something that is multi-purpose and guaranteed to make the area shine like new. On one hand, you can hire a professional cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN. If you’re looking for more of a do-it-yourself cleaner, try using borax. But what is it, and what can borax be used to clean?

Borax, which has many industrial and home cleaning uses, is a natural mineral compound found deep underground. It has been used as a cleaning agent for over 100 years, and is able to be used on everything from laundry to grout. Outside of cleaning, borax can be used as an herbicide and insecticide. Be aware, however, that while borax is naturally occurring, it can be harmful if it makes prolonged contact with skin and eyes or if it is inhaled or ingested. Use caution when using it, especially around children or pets.

How does borax clean? Here’s a closer look at some ways to safely use borax to clean:

  • Remove tough stains: Use one cup of borax and ¼ cup of lemon juice to create a paste and apply to the stain. After it sits, remove with warm water and a sponge. You can also create a spray for outdoor furniture by mixing a small amount of dish soap and borax with a quart of warm water.
  • Clean the toilet bowl: For tough toilet grime buildup, use one cup of borax in the toilet bowl, and let it sit overnight. Use a toilet brush the next morning to scrub away the grime, rinsing by flushing right after.
  • Boost carpet cleaner: Add ½ cup of borax per gallon of water based on the size of your carpet cleaning machine. This will help boost the cleaner and enhance the cleanliness of your carpet without an added smell.
  • Clean garbage disposal: If your sink is starting to get a smell, cleaning your garbage disposal is a must. Put three tablespoons of borax down the disposal, letting it stand for one hour before rinsing with lots of warm water.
  • Brighten whites: When doing a load of whites in the laundry, add borax to brighten them. It will enhance the action of any bleach being used and naturally changes some water molecules to hydrogen peroxide, which helps with the whitening process.
  • Soften hard water: Borax can also be used for laundry by softening hard water, which is bad for normal detergents. The sodium in borax will soften the water, allowing your clothes to get cleaner and look better.

Hire an expert

While borax is great for some smaller cleaning projects, you might be looking for more extensive cleaning. To ensure you have a thoroughly clean environment, rely on a professional cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN. Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. provides exceptional cleaning and janitorial services for all of your needs, from residential to commercial to industrial. Call us today to guarantee tailored service with a trusted cleaning team.

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