Best Disinfectant for Your Office Desk

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When you’re figuring out how to clean your workspace in Fort Wayne, IN, there’s a number of things you want to do. You need to make sure you’re straightening up all your papers and getting your pencil cup nice and symmetrical. You want to dust off all of your bobbleheads and other little souvenirs, and make sure that you have your electronic cords safely wrapped up and secured. Once all this is done, you might think the job is complete, but there’s one more thing that many people forget to do: disinfect their desktop.

Germs can really pile up over time on things like your mouse, keyboard and other surfaces, so make sure you spend the time thoroughly cleaning them. Our professional team at Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. can handle the big jobs, but we are also happy to give advice on the best ways to clean your workspace in Fort Wayne, IN.

Start off small

When starting to make a plan to clean your workspace in Fort Wayne, IN, some of the first things you want to clean up are the most obvious. The dust and other allergens that can pile up on electrics are easy culprits to go after first. You want to make sure, when cleaning electronics, that you use wipes that are specially made for the job. It can potentially cause damage to your devices otherwise, and can also leave ugly and invasive streaks that will make it look like you never cleaned at all.

You can also easily get rid of crumbs by turning your keyboard over the trash can and giving it a few taps, and then clean the keyboard further by using a cotton ball dipped in alcohol to lightly wipe the keys.

Compressed air can help

Cans of compressed air are office staples, and can really help with cleaning your workspace in Fort Wayne, IN. They can blast crumbs and other debris out of hard-to-reach places in your keyboard, mouse and other areas that have small crevices around your desk space. They can also go a long way in cleaning an unplugged laptop, as they can help keep things like fans and air intakes cleared and working smoothly.

Go after the germs

Disinfecting is the final step you’ll want to take when cleaning up the area around your desk. Disinfecting wipes can help with hard, non-porous surfaces like that of the desk itself and items like your phone, which is probably the dirtiest thing on your entire desk. You want to make cleaning your phone in this manner a regular ritual, not just part of the biweekly or monthly deep cleans like these.

Keeping a clean workspace is just a matter of regular maintenance, so consider putting a reminder in your calendar to clean up every other Friday. You will come in to a clean and productive workspace on Monday and be ready to roll. For bigger cleaning jobs, our professional team can get the job done when the time comes. Reach out to Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. to learn more.

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