The Top Five Dirtiest Places in Your Office

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At this time of year, everyone is doing their best to stay healthy and avoid picking up the cold or flu. Unfortunately for many workers, it can be a challenge to avoid getting sick when the risk of exposure in the office is so high. To keep all of your office workers as healthy as possible and reduce the spread of germs and bacteria, it can be helpful to know a little bit more about the places in an office that are the dirtiest in Fort Wayne, IN.

Some of the dirtiest places in the office in Fort Wayne, IN don’t look dirty at all. Bacteria and germs are microscopic, and they can live on all kinds of surfaces, regardless of how clean they appear at first glance. Here are a few of the places in the office that you should look out for during this cold and flu season:

  • Phones: Workplace telephones can host over 25,000 germs per square inch. Bacteria and germs on hands and in saliva can quickly spread to telephones while workers make calls. Cell phones are also known for hosting high levels of germs and bacteria. Use disinfecting wipes to clean your phone regularly, especially if the phone is shared between coworkers.
  • Keyboards: Hours of typing can expose workers in an office to all kinds of germs and bacteria. Believe it or not, keyboards can harbor hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat. These bacteria and germs are spread by hand, but they also come from sneezing and coughing onto computer keyboards.
  • Elevator panels: Elevator panels are another one of the places in an office that are the dirtiest in Fort Wayne, IN. Regularly disinfecting elevator buttons with a cleaning wipe is the best way to get rid of germs and bacteria and prevent diseases from spreading in the elevator.
  • Drinking fountains: Drinking fountains are notoriously dirty and frequently have over 2 million germs per square inch. To minimize the spread of bacteria and germs, it’s a good idea to encourage workers to bring their own water bottles to the office instead of drinking directly from the fountain.
  • Restrooms: As is to be expected, restrooms can be one of the dirtiest places in the office in Fort Wayne, IN. Bacteria thrive in bathroom environments, and germs can spread rapidly on surfaces in the bathroom. To keep workers healthy, it’s important to wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom. It’s also essential to keep up with regular restroom cleaning to keep bacteria and germs at bay.

Keeping your office clean

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