Important Cleaning Tips for Sick Season

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During the fall and winter, it might feel like getting sick is unavoidable. It’s even harder to keep yourself healthy when someone in your household is home sick with a cold or the flu. The good news is that there are lots of practices that can prevent the spread of diseases in your household, including cleaning during flu season in Fort Wayne, IN.

The importance of cleaning

A lot of people assume that diseases spread through skin-to-skin contact with someone who is sick, but bacteria and germs can also spread through contact with various surfaces. Some of the surfaces that you think of as being relatively clean, like your phone, can actually be the most infected. Many diseases, including the flu virus, can survive on surfaces for days, so frequent cleaning and disinfecting is essential.

How to clean when someone is sick

To keep your household as healthy as possible this flu season, make sure you know how to clean when someone is sick. Here are some helpful tips for sick season cleaning for your Fort Wayne home:

  • Focus on a few items: Attempting to clean your house from top to bottom is a pretty overwhelming prospect, and it’s not necessary if your intent is to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. In fact, it’s possible to minimize the spread of the cold and flu simply by focusing your attention on some of the items and spaces in your home that are the dirtiest. Collect cell phones, remotes and other electronic devices to be disinfected. You should also strip bedding and wash linens and stuffed animals on hot cycles to eliminate germs.
  • Disinfect surfaces: Kitchen tables, countertops, bathroom vanities and doorknobs can all host bacteria and germs. Use disinfectant wipes to wipe down these hard surfaces and kill germs and bacteria. Make sure to keep up with this process at least once a day to limit the spread of diseases.
  • Keep up with hand washing: In addition to cleaning your home when someone is sick, it’s also important to stay on top of personal hygiene to keep your family healthy. Make sure that everyone in your household washes their hands frequently and thoroughly to cut down on the spread of bacteria and germs.
  • Consider professional cleaning: It can be difficult to keep up with cleaning during flu season in Fort Wayne, IN, so consider hiring a professional for help. Hiring a professional cleaning service is a great way to keep your home as healthy and clean as possible without taking on a huge amount of extra work yourself.

Professional cleaning services

For professional help with cleaning during flu season in Fort Wayne, IN, reach out to Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. Our team of cleaners will come to your home and get to work with effective products and expert techniques. We will help get your home into the best shape possible to limit the spread of germs and bacteria in your household. Regardless of what your specific cleaning needs may be, our team is here to assist you with customized services. Schedule a cleaning appointment by giving us a call today.

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