How Often Should You Shampoo Your Carpet at the Office?

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Every commercial business needs to invest in janitorial services. After-hours or end-of-the-week cleaning are essential in maintaining clean, safe, welcoming facilities for customers and employees. But not every office cleaning task needs to be a priority every day, week or month. Something like carpet shampooing is important, but only on occasion.

How often should office carpets be cleaned? Well, it all depends on your facilities. If you’ve got hundreds of people tracking through the same areas every day, you’ll need shampooing a lot more frequently than facilities with sparse traffic. The color and type of carpet also plays a role. Here’s a quick guide to commercial carpet shampooing and when you should consider it for your facilities.

Consider the average

Before you think about how frequently or infrequently you need carpet shampooing, consider the benchmark. It’s recommended to have your commercial carpets shampooed every six months, just as part of routine upkeep. Using this as a standard, consider whether your carpets need more or less attention than a thorough shampooing twice each year.

Monitor the traffic

When should office carpets be cleaned? Let the traffic patterns be your guide! A general office may benefit from shampooing every six months, like clockwork. Meanwhile, the waiting room of an upscale law office may only need it once every 18 months. Or, the main room of a convention center may need it every three months, after booking back-to-back-to-back-to-back events.

The more traffic your carpets see, the higher the likelihood they’ll need routine cleaning. Using six months as a benchmark, estimate higher or lower as your traffic patterns demand.

Stay abreast of stains

Don’t let traffic be the only measure of your carpets’ cleanliness. Pay mind to stains and debris, too. Your carpet may only see a light amount of traffic, but if even one person drops food or drink, the resulting stain could be enough to mar your floor for months to come. In these situations, it might be wise to have your carpet shampooed outside of the usual schedule.

Don’t confuse stains with wear patterns. Any amount of traffic in a space is going to create patterns in the carpet. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need an emergency cleaning. So long as they don’t look terrible, your carpets can weather more walkers in-between routine cleanings. If wear patterns persist even after a thorough shampooing, consider replacing your carpeting.

Protect fresh-shampooed carpet

There are definitely ways to protect carpet after a thorough shampooing. In fact, taking steps to protect carpeting post-cleaning will keep it looking great between routine shampooing. Here are a few simple protection tips:

  • Don’t let anyone walk on shampooed carpet for eight to 10 hours, to ensure it’s dry.
  • Use rugs in areas of egress to remove debris before it gets to carpeting.
  • Vacuum carpet using a soft-bristle vacuum to avoid grinding in dirt.
  • Use a carpet protecting agent that repels stains and prevents setting.

It’s impossible to keep carpets looking totally pristine in a commercial environment. The best you can do is care for them regularly and invest in carpet shampooing as needed. When should office carpets be cleaned? Use your best judgment and stay apprised of its condition!

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