Tips for a Streak-Free Shine on Your Windows

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Everyone wants clean windows. They boost curb appeal from the outside and improve aesthetics on the inside. If you want to achieve a clean and streak-free shine on your windows, then the following guide is for you!

DIY glass cleaning solution

Many homeowners choose to clean their own windows rather than hire a professional. This is not a bad plan if the windows are easy to reach and in good condition. If you’re going this route, make sure you’re using the right tools and natural streak-free window cleaners meant for cleaning glass. Something you might want to try is making your own window cleaner using distilled vinegar (also called white vinegar). This ingredient works efficiently to break down the streaky film that builds up on windows and other glass surfaces.

Here’s how to make and use your own window cleaning solution:

  • Get a clean spray bottle large enough to hold the cleaning liquid. Mix one part white vinegar to 10 parts warm water in the bottle.
  • Wipe windows with a clean, soft, lint-free microfiber cloth or a paper towel to remove dust before spraying. Once wiped, spray your cleaning solution over the entire surface.
  • Take your lint-free towel and work the cleaner into the dirty spots on your windows. Apply generously, but keep the mixture from getting onto the window frames, as the vinegar may discolor the finish.
  • Use another clean cloth to thoroughly dry your windows. Do this quickly to prevent streaks on glass surfaces.
  • If streaks appear, rinse the area with plain water.

How to get streak-free windows

Everyone wants their home to have streak-free windows. Clean windows allow more sunlight into your living space, not to mention you’ll be able to see nature from the comforts of the indoors. However, cleaning windows the proper way can be tricky. Do it wrong and you may end up with streaking and scratching, and then you might have to call a pro for window cleaning services and maybe even some minor repairs. Check out the following steps to get streak-free windows:

  • Steer clear of glass cleaners that contain alcohol or ammonia. These substances are good for cleaning other things, but will leave streaks and film on your windows that will attract moisture and dust. Instead, use a natural window cleaner or create your own at home.
  • It’s not unusual to come across stubborn debris stuck on window glass. Resist the urge to use a razor or any other type of blade to scrape off materials. This can leave behind permanent scratches and weaken windows.
  • Use a microfiber cloth or another soft, lint-free cloth to rub in and wipe off the solution. Don’t have a cloth handy? A clean paper towel will suffice. Rub the glass from multiple directions to avoid streaking.
  • Sometimes, no matter how well you apply the cleaning solution, streaks may still remain on your windows. Simply rinse the glass with clean water to help remove streaks.

To ensure streak-free windows, hire a professional for window cleaning services. Call the team at Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. in Fort Wayne, IN today for more information!

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