How to Clean Wood the Right Way

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Look around your home and take note of all the wood surfaces. For example, you may have hardwood floors. Wood flooring looks lovely in any home or business. It can brighten up a space, but all types of hard floors also help to banish allergens. Unlike carpets, allergens like pollen, pet dander and mold spores don’t get trapped in wood floors that are cleaned on a regular basis.

You might clean your wood surfaces often, but they must be cleaned properly to stay looking great and free of damage. Here’s how to clean the most common types of wood furnishings the right way.

Wood floors

When cared for and maintained properly, wood floors can last a long time without experiencing major issues:

  • Clean it: The first step is to clean away debris. Use a broom or vacuum to clean your floors weekly. Make sure you wet clean it from time to time. To remove hardened dirt or other debris, use a clean, soft cloth to loosen it up before vacuuming the area. Your vacuum’s hose extension with a brush attachment can work wonders for sucking up dust. If you decide to mop your wood floors, be sure to use a cleaner that has a neutral pH balance to protect the floor’s finish.
  • Wet clean it: A good, thorough wet-mop cleaning can lift dirt and grime that sweeping misses. Use a wood floor cleaning product that’s designed specifically for your floors, and follow the instructions on how to dilute the product. Next, dunk a mop or sponge into the diluted mixture, wring it out well and start scrubbing. Or, use a specialty spray cleaner like Bona, which not only cleans floors, but removes hardened substances and scuff marks as well.

Wood furniture

The wood furniture in your home can use a good cleaning every week, including dusting and polishing:

  • Dust furniture: Run a lint-free cloth over the surface of your wood furniture before using a cleaner on it. Avoid feather dusters, as they are not effective for removing dust particles from wood. There’s also the risk of sharp quills scratching your furniture.
  • Test a small spot: Not all cleaners are right for different types of wood finishes. Don’t risk damaging the entire piece! If you aren’t sure what kind of finish you have—stain, paint or another type of treatment—test the cleaning product (or basic soap and water) on a small, less-visible area first.
  • Polish or wax: Once your furniture is clean, protect it by applying wax or polish. Double check that the product is okay to use on your particular type of wood finish.

Other wood surfaces

This category includes bowls, cutting boards, kitchen utensils and more. Homemade cleaners work well, but store-bought cleaners are also available:

  • DIY cleaner: Create a homemade wood cleaner using fresh lemon, water and olive oil. In a container, mix together the juice of one lemon (strained) and one tablespoon each of olive oil and water.
  • Wipe: Use a clean cotton cloth. Dip it and wring it well before applying to the wood.

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