Tips for Cleaning Glass Without Chemicals

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One of the beauties of glass is having the ability to see through it as though it’s not there. Unfortunately, this also means that it’s easy to spot when there is dirt, grime or streaking on the glass. Glass tabletops, windows and mirrors will all accumulate fingerprints and other spots over time.

If you’re finding yourself regularly cleaning your glass surfaces with heavy chemicals, you may wonder if there’s a non-chemical way to get similar results. Use the tips below to clean your glass without using chemicals and have your windows or other glass surfaces shining in no time.

Before You Begin

One important thing to remember before you begin cleaning your glass surfaces is that preventing buildup from accumulating is generally much easier than removing it. If you have to fight with dirt and grime buildup every time you clean your windows, you may want to look into professional residential cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN. A residential cleaning service can come to your home and keep the windows or other glass surfaces clean on a regular basis so you won’t have to spend so much time scrubbing.

Remove Major Grime and Buildup

Your first step in cleaning your glass surfaces without chemicals is to remove the buildup of dirt or grime. The exteriors of your windows are likely going to need the most amount of buildup removal. Being exposed to the elements, your windows get battered with dirt and grime from rain and wind.

To remove the grime buildup from glass surfaces, you can use steel wool and a little elbow grease. Steel wool is a tough material, but it won’t scratch your glass like some other cleaning supplies. Take the steel wool and scrub from the top outside of your glass to the top inside, then to the bottom outside and finally the bottom inside. As you scrub with the steel wool, be sure to vacuum up any flakes of steel wool that fall off.

Use White Vinegar to Wipe Down Glass

One of the best non-chemical cleaners you can use for glass surfaces is white vinegar. If you’re working in an enclosed area, open a window or create a vent so the vinegar smell isn’t overpowering. Mix one part white vinegar with one part water and pour it into a spray bottle. Thoroughly shake the solution to make sure it’s completely mixed together.

Lightly spray your white vinegar solution onto your glass surface. Be careful not to spray too much. Although the solution shouldn’t harm your windows or trim, it can quickly become a wet mess if overapplied.

Use a crumpled old newspaper to scrub your glass surfaces and soak up the white vinegar mixture. Newspaper works better than cloth towels or paper towels because it’s less likely to cause streaks. You might want to wear a pair of gloves to avoid getting any ink on your hands.

Consider Residential Cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN

These tips should help you keep glass surfaces like windows or mirrors clean and free of streaks. For deep cleaning service, consider investing in residential cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN from Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. Give us a call today to set up a cleaning schedule for your home!

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