Does Just Water Work Great for Cleaning?

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Microfiber cloths are very popular right now, and have been for a few years. They used to be marketed to car enthusiasts for cleaning cars, but more recently they have become popular for everyday housecleaning as well.

You’ve probably heard friends talk about microfiber cloths or even been invited to a party where a salesperson demonstrates the product. The question is, do these microfiber cloths live up to the hype? As a professional cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN we had to find out, and here’s what we learned.

How Do Microfiber Cloths Work?

A lot of people think microfiber cloths have some sort of magic chemical infused in the fibers that provides a superior clean, but this is not the case. The power of the microfiber cloth is all in the mechanics. Microfiber is made of thin strands of synthetic fiber. Norwex, a popular microfiber cloth brand, claims that the fibers that make up its cloths are 1/200th of a human hair. These super tiny strands have grooves and many of them attach themselves to each speck of dirt and grime, working together to dislodge dirt and carry it away.

Can You Really Just Use Water?

When using traditional cleaning methods, with some type of soap or cleaner, you are cleaning with chemistry, versus mechanics. The soap or cleaning agent you use attaches itself to the dirt molecules. The water molecules then wash away the cleaning agent with the dirt still attached. Some cleaners also, literally, chemically kill certain bacteria.

So can a microfiber do all that without the power of soap. The short answer is yes, kind of. When it comes to cleaning away bacteria, top-quality microfiber cloths claim that they can remove about 99% of bacteria. Tests have shown that this is true, most of the time.

Microfiber cloths don’t “kill” bacteria, but they can capture it and remove it from the surface. Certain oils and other grime may also require traditional cleaning methods. Some substances simply require the chemical-breakdown power of a cleaning detergent.

Are All Microfiber Cloths Created Equal?

It’s important to note that not all microfiber cloths are the same. As with anything else, you get what you pay for. With microfibers, the quality of the fibers and the ratio can make a big difference in performance. The finer the fiber, the more “grabbing” power it has and the higher percentage of gunk it is able to pick up. The ideal microfiber will have a mix of fine synthetic fibers made of a combination of polyester, which grabs oils, and polyamide, which absorbs water.

If you’re thinking about investing in microfiber cloths, be sure to consider the pros and cons. As a cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN, we find the power of microfiber cleaning great for house cleaning and cleaning daycares, but we keep our traditional cleaning methods on-hand too for the tough jobs. If you would like to learn more about our services and cleaning methods, just call Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. today!

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