Can Citrus Be Used as an Effective Cleaner?

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Many people are becoming more aware of some of the harmful side effects some common household cleaners can have on the environment. As such, the natural and organic cleaning products industry is thriving, and many people are even attempting to create some cleaning products in their very own homes.

This doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to using vinegar, especially if you don’t like the smell. You’re probably familiar with citrus-scented cleaners—there’s no denying that they at least create a fresher scent than what you get from a standard vinegar cleaning. But are you actually able to use citrus itself as an effective cleaning agent for your home?

The answer is yes, and in many cases, you can actually mix it with vinegar to create an effective cleaner that actually smells great. You can, for example, allow some discarded citrus peels to sit in vinegar for several weeks, creating a sort of infusion of the vinegar with the scents and oils that come from the peel. You can use pretty much any type of citrus peel to accomplish this. The oils will not only create a much more pleasant scent, but also increase the cleaning power of the resulting solution.

Here’s a quick overview from our cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN about how you can create your own all-purpose kitchen cleaner using citrus peels:

  • Gather your ingredients and equipment: The process is quite simple, especially considering what you need to make it happen. You’ll need a large mason jar with a fitted lid (half-gallon jars or a couple of quart-sized jars are preferable), along with a large bowl, a fine mesh sieve and a spray bottle. You’ll need to collect enough citrus peels to fill up at least half of the mason jar, and then enough white vinegar to fill up the mason jar and cover all the peels you put into it.
  • Place the citrus peels and vinegar into a jar: As stated previously, you can use oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruits or any other type of citrus. Add the peels into a jar until it’s at least filled halfway, then pour vinegar over those peels until the jar is full. Cover the jar with a lid and store it in a dark area (such as a cabinet) for a couple weeks. The longer you allow the peels to sit in the vinegar, the better an infusion you’ll create.
  • Strain it: After at least two weeks, you can strain the cleaner using a fine mesh sieve that you place over the top of a large bowl. Discard the peels, and then transfer the cleaner from the bowl into a spray bottle you can use around the house, just as you would with any other all-purpose cleaner.

It’s really that simple! You can even add some common herbs, such as rosemary or thyme, to customize the scent to your liking. For more tips, reach out to Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. Our cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN can help!

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