What Are the Dirtiest Things in Your Office?

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When you think of the dirtiest places in your office, you might assume that the bathroom or the garbage can would rank highest on the list. While these certainly aren’t the most sanitary spots in your office, they aren’t necessarily the dirtiest places in your office either. In fact, the dirtiest places in an office are a lot less obvious than you might expect. Read on to learn more about which areas in your office are really the ones to worry about, and why investing in professional office cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN might be a smart move for your business:

  • Office mugs: Most office employees like to start the day with a fresh cup of coffee. Unfortunately, those office coffee mugs can carry a lot more bacteria than you might think, even after they’ve been washed in the sink. Studies have shown that about 20 percent of “clean” coffee mugs have trace amounts of coliform bacteria, and 100 percent of mugs washed with a shared sponge or dish rag have trace coliform bacteria. The best way to keep these mugs clean is to wash them in the dishwasher instead of washing them by hand in the sink.
  • Desks: As you type away at your keyboard all day, you transfer germs and bacteria from your hands to the surface of your desk and vice versa. To minimize the spread of bacteria, it’s important for employees to wipe down their desks on a regular basis with disinfecting wipes.
  • Elevator buttons: Depending how large your office building is, hundreds of people may hit your elevator buttons every day. You have no way of knowing who’s pressing those buttons or whether their hands are clean, and that’s why it’s so important to disinfect your elevator buttons. You can request elevator button disinfecting when you hire a professional for office cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN.
  • Kitchen sink: Kitchen sinks are considered to be one of the most bacteria-ridden places in an office. Faucets are often covered with bacteria, and that bacteria can be transferred when people turn on the tap, wash their dishes or fill up their water bottle. Because of how much bacteria there is in and around the kitchen sink, it’s important to disinfect it on a regular basis.
  • Copier button: You might not think twice about using your office copier, but chances are there are tons of germs crawling around on the start button. Copier start buttons often have even more germs and bacteria than the average school toilet seat!

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