Is There a Right Way to Vacuum Carpet?

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Few people relish carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN, but vacuuming is a chore we’re all familiar with. For most of us, it’s a chance to zone out and think about the other chores on our list. So, when you grab the vacuum and start running it over your carpets, you’re probably not too concerned with technique. As long as you’ve hit every square inch of the floor the job is done, right?


There is, in fact, a proper technique to vacuuming. Making sure the bristles sweep over the entire surface of your carpet doesn’t mean much if your technique isn’t right. You’re likely leaving tons of dirt, debris and dust anchored to the carpet fibers. Thankfully, with a few adjustments to your approach, you can vacuum more effectively without spending more time than you want to on this monotonous household chore.

Here’s what you’re likely doing wrong

The biggest mistake most people make while vacuuming is going at a breakneck pace. Violently pulling the vacuum back and forth rapidly isn’t doing anything but kicking allergens into the air! You’ll need to slow it down a little (not too much!) to make sure the vacuum’s suction has a chance to pull up loose dirt and debris.

If you’re not emptying your vacuum’s tank or bag before every cleaning, you need to start doing so. Letting debris pile up over time will reduce suction and cause other problems with your vacuum. Not only is this an ineffective way to clean, it’ll reduce the lifespan of your vacuum.

Finally, vacuuming in one direction may seem like enough, but it’s not. Mix it up! Run the bristles over the carpet in various directions, overlapping where you’ve already vacuumed. You’ll catch debris from all angles, for a more thorough clean.

Here’s how to vacuum right

Vacuuming correctly isn’t rocket science, but it takes a little forethought. Here’s the right way to approach carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN:

  • Before you even grab the vacuum, do a quick walk of your room and pick up anything big enough to see with your hands. This’ll lessen the strain on your vacuum and make the overall job quicker.
  • Adjust the vacuum head for the height of your flooring. Most vacuums will have settings for hardwood, flat carpet, fluffy carpet (shag) and more. Select the right option for your floor and adjust it as you go from room to room.
  • Fire up the vacuum at the furthest point away from where you intend to finish. Slowly work your way backwards towards that point, moving the vacuum in 45-degree angles to your left and right, slightly overlapping the areas you’ve already cleaned to pick up leftovers.
  • Move the vacuum in a two-second cadence: one-extend left, two-retract, one-extend right, two-retract right. Count in your head “one Mississippi, two Mississippi” to get a feel for speed. After a while, it’ll become second nature.

When you’re done with your carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN, don’t forget to empty the bag or tank right away, to prep for next time. Or, if you’re feeling really ambitious, break out the attachments and go back to those baseboards!

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