Never Mix These Chemicals During House Cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN

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How did you do in chemistry class? Whether you aced this course in high school or took biology instead, you probably know that certain chemicals shouldn’t be mixed. This principle applies to household cleaners, too. During house cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN, it’s important to avoid dangerous and deadly combinations of materials.

To stay safe while you do your chores, use the following guide. If you have additional questions about the best mixtures to use for your cleaning, contact your local provider of house cleaning services in Fort Wayne, IN.

Don’t Overdo the Drain-o

We’ve all been there. Your drain is clogged, and it’s stopping more than water flow. This clog is disrupting your entire day or week. To get everything moving again, you pour drain cleaner down the pipe. What happens? The drain doesn’t open, so you pour more solution down the drain. And when that bottle runs out, you add another.

Stop! Using more than one drain cleaner can be dangerous. These solutions are very strong, and they can react badly. Certain combinations can generate chlorine gas emissions and even lead to explosions. Don’t simply keep adding drain cleaner. If the recommended amount doesn’t work, contact a professional to try another method.

Avoid the Dynamic Deadly Duo

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar can be a great combination to clean tough grime. However, they should never be mixed. Use them in succession, not at the same time. If you combine the two products, they create peracetic acid. This corrosive acid is an irritant that can harm your eyes, throat, skin, nose and lungs.

Don’t Mix Bleach with Anything

Bleach and ammonia is a combo that releases chloramine vapors. If you inhale these, you can suffer respiratory problems and throat burns. Be sure to look at cleaning product ingredients to see if they contain these products before using them.

Bleach and rubbing alcohol, when mixed, results in chloroform. This gas is known for its knock-out property. Exposure can cause damage to the eyes, lungs, kidneys, liver and nervous system. Immediate consequences include nausea and dizziness.

Bleach and vinegar mixed together releases chloramine and chlorine vapors, which can cause chemical burns in the eyes and lungs.

Keep Cleaners Separate

As you can see, a variety of mixtures can be extremely dangerous. This is why it is a good rule of thumb to never mix cleaning supplies. Something that you think is harmless could contain chemicals that will react poorly with the other solution involved. To keep your house cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN safe, always use cleaning supplies separately.

Call for Backup

Would you rather not worry about what cleaning supplies to use for house cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN? Simply leave the job to the pros. The experts at Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. are ready to make your cleaning chores safe and convenient. We offer a full range of residential, commercial and industrial cleaning services. Family owned and locally operated, our team has been providing quality cleaning services throughout the area since 1992. Reach out to our friendly staff today with any questions.

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