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Have you ever thought about the various cleaners you use to make your home sparkle? Sure, they kill bacteria and make your kitchen counters shine, but they are also often toxic. It’s ironic that we use materials that could make us sick to make our surroundings “safe” and clean. The truth is, there is another way to achieve the strength of industrial cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN.

If you prefer a greener way of doing things, read on. The following natural cleaning solution will help you make your home shine without the nasty chemicals.

What You Need

With a few inexpensive household items, you create an effective, natural cleaning solution. This cleaner will allow you to achieve a complete clean that may even be better than the one you get with store-bought chemicals. Plus, it’s cheaper!

  • Baking soda: This is an effective antiviral agent, deodorizer and disinfectant. It helps eliminate grease, grime, fungus and unpleasant aromas.
  • Vinegar: White vinegar offers natural acidity to make it a great antibacterial agent and a solvent that breaks through scum and grease.
  • Water: For the best results, use boiled or distilled water. This eliminates the minerals such as chlorine and calcium that are usually present in municipal water.
  • Essential oil: Certain essential oils, such as lavender, lemon and eucalyptus, are known for their germ-killing and bacteria-eliminating properties. These scents are also generally associated with “fresh” and “clean” surroundings.

What to Do

Place two quarts of water in a cleaning bucket. Add two tablespoons of baking soda and two tablespoons of vinegar. Mix well, then add 5 to 10ml of your chosen essential oil.

This mixture should be enough to clean an entire kitchen floor and bathroom floor. If you need to create a larger volume of solution, simply maintain a 0.5 to 1 percent ratio of essential oil.

For Other Surfaces

Would you like to use a natural cleaner for other areas of your home? In addition to floor cleaning, you can use this natural solution to clean countertops and other surfaces. Simply fill a spray bottle with the solution. Spray your appliances to easily wipe away grease. Clean counters for a natural shine. You can store your all-purpose cleaner for several months. Just keep it out of direct sunlight when stored.

More Tips

Do you need natural solutions for even more cleaning tasks? Here are three:

  • Cornstarch: This inexpensive household item is great for cleaning windows, polishing furniture and shampooing carpets.
  • Brass cleaner: If you’d like to polish up that cabinet hardware or make your bathroom fixtures shine, create a homemade brass cleaner with vinegar and salt. Dampen a sponge with white vinegar (or lemon juice) and sprinkle salt on top. Rub the surface gently, then rinse and dry to achieve a great shine.
  • Glass cleaner: To clean windows, mirrors and other glass surfaces, combine two cups of water, ½ cup white vinegar, ¼ cup rubbing alcohol and one or two drops of orange essential oil. Use this solution to make your glass sparkle.

Or… Leave it to the Pros!

If you prefer convenient, green cleaning solutions, contact the professionals at Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. Family owned and operated since 1992, our team offers the quality and strength of industrial cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN for all settings. Reach out to us today!

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