Are You Keeping Your Restaurant Kitchen’s Floor Safe?

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In commercial kitchens, grease and oil spills are practically inevitable. With so much activity going on in your kitchen, it’s common for employees to slip on floors that have accumulated residual grime from oil and grease. To keep your kitchen floor safe and prevent falls, it’s important that you practice proper care, maintenance and industrial cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN. Implementing a few key tools and methods to clean your floor can help you ensure that it stays clean and free of grime and grease:

  • Start with the right equipment: To clean your kitchen floor effectively, you need some specific products and tools. You should get a broom, a mop, a bristle brush, a bucket and some commercial floor degreaser. It’s important to find a cleaning product that’s specifically intended to cut through grease to ensure the most effective results possible.
  • Clear away debris: Prepare your floor for cleaning by sweeping away dust and debris with a broom. You should be as thorough as possible to prevent any debris from interfering with your floor cleaning.
  • Apply cleaning solution: Dilute your degreaser with some warm water in a bucket. Follow the directions on the label for dilution to ensure you have the right ratio of cleaning product to water. Once you’ve mixed your cleaner, apply it to your floor using a mop or a chemical distribution hose, if your kitchen is equipped with one.
  • Scrub your floor: After applying your cleaner, mop your floor to distribute the cleaner evenly across your floor. Use your bristle brush to scrub your floors more thoroughly and to loosen tough grease.
  • Give your cleaner time to sit: You should spend at least five to 10 minutes scrubbing your floor with the bristle brush to give the cleaner time to work. Commercial degreasing products take time to work properly, so this step is important.
  • Rinse away cleaning product: Using hot water, rinse the degreaser product from your floor and down your floor drains. You can also use a squeegee to clear away any emulsified grease that’s sitting on your floor.
  • Consider professional help: If you’re struggling to get your floor clean or clear away residual grease, consider investing in professional floor degreasing service in Fort Wayne, IN. A professional will be able to clean your floors more thoroughly and effectively, ensuring that you are left with a slip-free surface that’s safe for your kitchen employees.

If your restaurant kitchen is due for a thorough floor cleaning, reach out to Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. Since our founding in 1992, our family owned and operated business has proudly served commercial and residential customers alike with comprehensive cleaning services, including floor degreasing service in Fort Wayne, IN. We happily offer routine cleaning services to ensure that your space is always looking its best. Regardless of the specific services you need, our team is here to help. Give us a call to day to schedule an appointment—we look forward to connecting with you soon!

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