What Are the Greenest Cleaners on the Planet?

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These days, more and more people love the idea of sustainability and using eco-friendly products. Unfortunately, many of the “green” cleaning products that are currently on the market are considered to be less effective or powerful than typical chemical products. The truth is that green products can be just as effective as toxic chemical combinations when it comes to providing quality cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN—you just have to know what to look for! Learn more about some of the best green cleaners on the market so that you can stock up on the best products for you and the planet:

  • Bronner’s: The Dr. Bronner’s brand is well known for delivering natural home products, including soaps and body care products. Their Sal Suds liquid cleaner is completely biodegradable, but still packs a punch. The concentrated formula is designed to be tough on residue in the kitchen and bathroom and can be mixed with baking soda to increase its effectiveness.
  • Bon Ami: Bon Ami makes a powdered cleaning formulation that’s similar to the type of cleaning powder that people have been using since the 1800s. While it may not seem like a cutting-edge cleaning product, Bon Ami powder is made of a mix of biodegradable cleaning agents that are incredibly effective.
  • White vinegar: One of the simplest cleaning products is plain, white vinegar. Vinegar can be used to clean windows, scrub floors, wipe down countertops and scour bathtubs. The acidic quality of vinegar makes it a powerful stain fighter around the house. You should be aware of where you use vinegar to clean, though. Avoid using vinegar on natural stone materials like granite that are sensitive to acidic cleaners.
  • Seventh Generation: Seventh Generation is a household brand that makes everything from dish soap to diapers, with fewer chemicals and additives and more green materials and ingredients. Their multi-surface cleaner blends natural oils to create a powerful disinfectant formulation without all of the harmful chemicals.
  • Baking soda: Baking soda is an excellent product to have in your cabinet. You can use it to deodorize your refrigerator or to scour food residue from pots and pans.
  • Simple Green Naturals: Simple Green products came out in the 1970s, and they continue to be a popular choice among environmentally conscious consumers. One of the brand’s most popular products is its glass and surface care spray. Not only does this spray solution include 100 percent naturally derived ingredients, but it also has a pleasant fragrance made from rosemary oil, spearmint oil, orange oil and grapefruit oil.

At Pro Clean Building Services, Inc., we know how difficult it can be to balance environmental considerations and effectiveness. That’s why we are dedicated to delivering the best cleaning solutions possible to the residents and businesses of Fort Wayne, IN. We have decades of experience providing cleaning and janitorial services in a wide variety of settings, from gyms and medical facilities to apartments and single-family homes. Whether you need one-time service when you move out of your home or you’re looking for regularly scheduled cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN for a commercial or industrial space, our team is here to help. Give us a call to find out more!

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