The Worst Lawn Care Advice We’ve Ever Heard

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Spring is the perfect time of the year to get your yard into great shape. Whether you’re chatting with your neighbor or spending some time with family and friends at an outdoor cookout, it’s likely that you’ll hear some tips and tricks for keeping your lawn and garden healthy and looking its best. Although this advice was likely all given with the best intentions, there are certain myths about landscaping that have become pervasive. At best, this advice won’t make much of a difference for your yard, but at worst, you could end up damaging your plants and soil. Make sure to read up on landscaping so that you are equipped with all of the best information about garden and lawn care in Fort Wayne, IN:

  • Watering a dead lawn will bring it back: If your lawn has dried out, lots of people will tell you to soak it with water to bring fresh grass back. Unfortunately, a lawn that is completely brown is unlikely to come back as lush and green as it once was with watering alone. It’s best to start fresh with new grass seed and keep up on regular watering from the beginning to prevent browning.
  • Dandelions can be cut down with a lawn mower: You might have heard that cutting down dandelions when you mow your lawn is an easy way to keep them at bay, but it’s important to take a more thorough approach if you really want to get rid of these weeds. Dandelions tend to be deeply rooted, and cutting them down, even down to the base of the stem, is not usually sufficient. Take the time to dig up dandelions and dispose of them in green waste bins so that they don’t grow back.
  • You don’t need a professional for tree pruning: Pruning a tree might seem like a pretty straightforward task—all you need is a ladder and a pair of shears, right? Unfortunately, homeowners often become injured when they attempt DIY tree pruning, and they may be left with a tree that is harmed or insufficiently trimmed. Make sure to get professional help with tree pruning and lawn care in Fort Wayne, IN to avoid injury and ensure that the job is done the right way.
  • Chemical herbicides are best to get rid of weeds: Spraying down pesky weeds with a powerful chemical herbicide is a quick fix, but it can have a number of negative implications. These strong chemicals aren’t just harmful for weeds—they can also do serious damage to surrounding vegetation and soil, not to mention that they can cause major health problems for children and pets that play in your yard. If you focus on keeping your lawn healthy, weeds will struggle to grow. Make sure your grass stays thick to block out sunlight, and pull weeds from the roots when necessary.

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