Eight Expert Mowing Tips for Groundskeepers

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There is nothing more picturesque than a lush, green lawn. But it takes some serious work to keep grass, trees, bushes and other plants looking full and vibrant. Growing and maintaining a big, beautiful lawn requires careful planning and strategic care. Mowing the lawn presents an even bigger challenge for groundskeepers, as they are often dealing with dozens of acres at one time. The lawn must be mowed carefully to keep it from looking ragged and overgrown, or sickly from being clipped too short. To help you get the best results, check out these eight simple tips all groundskeepers can use to achieve a great looking lawn:

  • Remove debris: This will take time, but it’s well worth it, as it will make the overall mowing process run much more smoothly. Remove all debris from the area that is going to be mowed before starting. Even small debris like trash can cause problems and delays. The mower can’t properly mulch the materials, which could cause damage to the mechanical components.
  • Take safety precautions: Safety is an important part of groundskeeping services in Fort Wayne, IN. Wear closed-toed shoes, work gloves and eye goggles to properly protect yourself on the job.
  • Mow in the morning: The morning is always the best time to mow the lawn. This is better for the grass and will cause less damage to the root. Plus, the cooler temperatures will be more forgiving on you.
  • Don’t mow after rain: Mowing grass immediately after it rains should always be avoided. The lawn becomes more susceptible to diseases, and it will cause clumping and ruts.
  • Change directions: This is the key to a really stunning patch of grass. Change the mowing direction sporadically to create smooth, even surfaces. This will also control coarse grass.
  • Mow the right height: Mowing a lawn down too short can make it more susceptible to diseases. Generally, you should avoid removing more than a third of the total height of the grass at one time.
  • Grass cycling: With grass cycling, the glass clippings stay on top of the lawn after being mowed. This allows the nitrogen and the nutrients to return to the soil. Not only does this help keep the lawn healthy, but it also protects against fungal disease. Too-long grass will likely need to be cut twice to properly mulch up the clippings.
  • Leave it to the pros: As you’ve likely ascertained, it takes some hard work to keep a well-manicured lawn. The best option is to leave the job to a professional groundskeeping service in Fort Wayne, IN. They are experienced in safe mowing practices and know the best techniques for a lush, healthy and enviable lawn.

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