Keep Dust Out: How to Minimize Office Cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN

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A clean office space offers several advantages. Employees are healthier and happier. Your business experiences fewer interruptions for cleaning services. Your bottom line goes up due to savings on cleaning costs. But how can you reap these benefits? Use the following tips to minimize your need for office cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN:

  • Climate control: Did you know a humidity level between 30 and 50 percent is best for a clean environment? These humidity conditions help prevent the growth of mold and other allergens and help keep dust mites at bay. If your office space tends to reach extreme dry or humid conditions, use dehumidifiers, humidifiers or air conditioners to maintain stable, healthy levels.
  • Quick cleanup: Don’t put off cleanup if there’s a spill or leak. Yes, you’re busy, but it will save time in the long run to go ahead and take care of the problem immediately. Cleaning spills or repairing leaks right away helps prevent mold growth or other damages, which will take even longer to clean. If you detect a leak or discover a spill, make it your next task to get the issue resolved.
  • Green machine: With their dirt and drooping petals, plants can contribute to the mess to an office. However, if they are properly maintained, office plants can actually help keep the air cleaner. They absorb toxins in the atmosphere and produce oxygen. If you want to clear the air in your office, consider adding a bit of greenery. The plants will also add aesthetic appeal!
  • Air circulation: When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts or changed your air filters? If these become clogged or filled with particles, they will fail to properly clean the air in your office. They will circulate dust particles and make surfaces dirtier. If you want to reduce the frequency of your office cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN, be sure to add these tasks to your seasonal checklist.
  • Window watch: Fresh air in an office is nice, but there are times when it’s good to keep the windows closed. On windy days or when pollen is extremely high, outdoor conditions are ripe for coating your office with a layer of dust. Consider closing windows if you expect a storm, strong winds or other weather that might make your need for office cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN more frequent.
  • Floor selection: Carpeting naturally attracts and holds more dust and debris than hard floor surfaces. If you have a choice of flooring to install in your office setting, you can keep it cleaner by choosing something other than carpet. You can also ditch area rugs that may be sources of dust mites.

Not only can you minimize your office cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN, you can maximize your efforts with professional cleaning. Scheduling a regular cleaning that is completed by trained technicians will help keep your space more inviting and healthy for both employees and customers. The result is a happier and healthier environment and a better bottom line. Contact the experts at Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. today to schedule your next cleaning.

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