Are Organic Cleaners as Good as Chemical Cleaners? Info from a Cleaning Service in Fort Wayne, IN

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Green cleaning products have been coming into vogue in recent years, as they are billed as safer alternatives for people and the environment alike. However, they do come with a bit of a higher price tag. So is it worth the expense? Are these green, organic cleaners just as good as chemical cleaners?

Let’s take a look at organic cleaners and why some people opt to use them in their homes. Here’s some info from our cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN.

Why people are wary of chemical cleaners

Certain chemicals that are found in conventional cleaning products used in homes can pose problems for the people using them and for the environment after they get washed down your drains.

Studies have shown that some chemical compounds used in cleaners to enhance their performance can actually impair neurological functions with long-term exposure. Others can act as irritants to the respiratory system, or can be reproductive toxins or carcinogens, depending on how much exposure a person has had to those chemicals.

That’s not to mention the effect these chemicals can have on the environment. Phosphates, which are commonly found in chemical cleaners, can lead to the eutrophication of rivers and water, which causes lower water quality and decreased oxygen levels.

Another example is phthalates, which are common in various household cleaners. These substances can have negative hormonal effects, but are commonly used to create dyes or fragrances.

As of right now, there is not much in the way of regulation with regard to cleaning chemicals, and the government does not have any real labeling requirements, which would force these companies to tell consumers exactly what is in the cleaner.

Organic, “green” cleaners are rising in popularity

As awareness has spread about the effects of many of these chemicals found in household cleaners, more companies are making “green” cleaners that avoid the use of these chemicals and help avoid the negative effects on people and the environment often caused by the chemicals.

However, there are some tradeoffs. Green cleaners may be more environmentally friendly and better for your health, but they also are more expensive than standard house cleaners, and will require more effort to achieve the same amount of cleanliness. While green cleaners are constantly evolving and becoming more effective, they still tend to lag behind chemical cleaners in terms of their overall performance.

But while chemicals can make cleaning easier, they don’t necessarily lead to better results. You can get surfaces just as clean with an organic cleaner as you can with a chemical cleaner.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to how you balance the higher price tag associated with green cleaners and the amount of effort you want to put into cleaning with the health and environmental benefits that come with using those products.

If you have any questions about green cleaning supplies and their benefits, we encourage you to contact a cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN today. Reach out to Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. to learn more!

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