Keep Dust Out: How to Minimize Office Cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN

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A clean office space offers several advantages. Employees are healthier and happier. Your business experiences fewer interruptions for cleaning services. Your bottom line goes up due to savings on cleaning costs. But how can you reap these benefits? Use the following tips to minimize your need for office cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN: Climate control: Did you know a humidity level between 30 and 50 percent is best for a clean environment? These humidity conditions help prevent the growth of mold and other allergens and help keep dust mites at bay. If your office space tends to reach extreme dry... View Article

What Does “Caustic” Mean When It Comes to Cleaners?

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A “caustic” substance is one that is quite powerful and capable of dissolving other substances. While caustic cleaners can be quite effective, they also pose a variety of potential dangers, including the ability to eat away tissue due to chemical action, or corrode pipes if used improperly. Here’s a general overview of the effects of caustic drain cleaners from a longtime professional cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN. Using chemical cleaners Generally when you purchase a drain cleaner, you’re going to have a choice between chemical or enzymatic cleaners. Most people go with chemical cleaners, which use sodium hydroxide (a... View Article

Are Organic Cleaners as Good as Chemical Cleaners? Info from a Cleaning Service in Fort Wayne, IN

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Green cleaning products have been coming into vogue in recent years, as they are billed as safer alternatives for people and the environment alike. However, they do come with a bit of a higher price tag. So is it worth the expense? Are these green, organic cleaners just as good as chemical cleaners? Let’s take a look at organic cleaners and why some people opt to use them in their homes. Here’s some info from our cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN. Why people are wary of chemical cleaners Certain chemicals that are found in conventional cleaning products used in... View Article