Tips for Preventing Dust Buildup in Your Home

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It seems like dust is all around us, despite our best intentions. Every time we turn around, there’s dust accumulating somewhere—on mantels, on dressers, in hidden nooks and crannies of the living room, in closets. This is especially unfortunate because of the allergic reactions that dust can cause for so many of us. And that’s not to mention the dust mites!

If you’re totally grossed out at this point, don’t despair. As your go-to provider of high quality cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN, Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. knows all about getting rid of unwanted dirt and debris. Here are a few easy tips to help you combat dust buildup in your own home.

Dust the right way

It’s true that the traditional way of dusting is to use a feather duster. They’re still sold at most grocery stores, and commonly used in houses and businesses alike. But this type of duster actually makes the situation worse, because it whips up dust and disperses it throughout the room, rather than removing it. The simple solution is a damp cloth with an approved cleaning solution on it. For example, a soft fiber cloth and a bottle of lemon Pledge that is specifically for use on hardwood surfaces is a great way to dust your windowsills, wardrobes and other wood areas.

Carpet with care

We appreciate beautiful carpeting, but overdoing it can lead to more dust in the home. Opt for some tasteful area rugs, but don’t install wall-to-wall carpet, because this will attract and trap a lot of dust, and you probably won’t be able to vacuum as often as will be necessary to keep dust at bay.

In order to properly clean the areas you do have carpeted, grab some high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters for your vacuum cleaner. This will ensure that dust particles are collected in the cleaner and don’t get blown back out into the air.

Maintain a clean closet

Clothing isn’t the first thing we think of when we hear the word “dust,” but it’s actually a magnet for dust particles, which can rapidly accumulate, especially if clothing is left undisturbed for long periods of time. Rather than having the unpleasant experience of pulling out an article of clothing and getting covered with a fine layer of dust, invest in some durable garment bags and storage containers. Your sinuses will thank you!

Change your sheets weekly

Here’s a gross fact: dust mites are big fans of your deliciously soft pillow, sheets and mattresses. Fortunately, you can get the upper hand in this situation simply by changing your sheets once a week. For additional protection, consider an allergen-proof mattress topper and cover, which will further prevent dust and dust mite invasion.

Get professional help

At least once a year, hire a professional cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN to do a deep clean of your home and carpeting. This will give you a clean slate to start from in the year ahead, and ensure your home is as free of dust and allergens as possible.

To schedule a visit from Pro Clean Building Services, Inc., give us a call today!

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