Carpet Cleaning Season Is Coming Soon!

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It might still be cold right now, but before you know it, we’ll be in full spring cleaning mode. As you go through your closets, break out the summer window screens, change out your flannel sheets for cotton and do a thorough inspection of what needs repairing and scrubbing, don’t forget to add carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN to your list.

Carpets take a beating year round, absorbing traffic from people and animals alike. But they have it especially hard in the winter, when snow and mud mix together on boots and get tracked through the house.

What to do?

Whip your carpets back into shape with some thorough TLC. Hiring an expert cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN to do a deep clean of your carpets will not only bring back their color and make them look great again, but will also prolong their lives, which means more years of faithful service and enjoyment for you, your family and your guests.

Here are a few things you can do to prep your carpet for a good cleaning, and to keep it happy in between your yearly professional cleaning appointments.

Start with vacuuming

This is an easy, achievable and, most of all, important first step. Make sure your vacuum is on its carpet, not hardwood, setting so it really gets into the carpet fibers to pull out dust, dirt and pet dander. You can do this before your professional cleaning, but you should also make it a regular habit throughout the year. When debris is allowed to settle into carpet fibers, it can lead to mold and permanent discoloration. Plus, it breaks down the fibers, which causes premature aging in your trusty carpeting. By vacuuming regularly, you are adding months or even years to the life of your carpet.

Do a spot check

Your professional cleaning service in Fort Wayne, IN will perform a careful inspection of your carpeting to check for specific areas that need attention, but you can do your part ahead of time to be sure everything is prepped. Turn on all the lights in the area so you can really see what you’re looking at, and then start at one end and slowly walk to the other, inspecting each section of carpet for abnormal stains, faded spots and other marks. Some of these you can potentially pre-treat yourself to get the job started, making sure to use only approved stain removal products. Throughout the year, it’s important to check for and treat stains as soon as you find them, to prevent ongoing damage or permanent discoloration.

Plan ahead

After your professional cleaning, schedule the next one so it’s on your calendar. We all get busy, and it’s easy to forget something like having your carpet cleaned, even though it’s important.

Finally, make a game plan for how you will keep your carpets in good shape in the coming months. This might include investing in a better doormat or a shoe rack so that family and visitors can clean and remove dirty footwear before entering the house.

Ready for like-new carpets? Call Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. for trustworthy carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN. We look forward to serving you!

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