Why Air Duct Cleaning Is an Important Part of Commercial Cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN

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There are several reasons why you need to have quality air circulating throughout your commercial building. First and foremost, your employees need fresh, clean air to breathe if they are to perform their jobs well and stay healthy. Poor indoor air quality does not make for a safe or clean work environment, can contribute to the inability to concentrate and can even cause illness.

Think about this—there are dozens, sometimes hundreds of people in the same building. Everyone is breathing the same air, so the air needs to be healthy to inhale, not smelly, stale or contaminated. Unfortunately, between airborne toxins, chemicals and debris coming in from the outside, it’s a sure bet your air ducts are dirty.

Let’s take a look at why cleaning your air ducts is such an important part of commercial cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN.

Prevents mold and mildew growth

When there’s a significant enough air temperature change, condensation will form on interior walls, ceilings and other surfaces. This is a big problem in buildings that are difficult to warm up or cool down. Condensation that is not removed will begin to develop mold and mildew, making surfaces unsightly and cause people in the office to cough, wheeze and develop skin or eye irritations. But removing mold does not mean it’s gone forever. Mold spores are likely hiding in the carpeting and air ducts, waiting for a disturbance to call them to action.

Removes allergens

Many people suffer from both indoor and outdoor seasonal allergies. The side effects of having allergies include sluggishness, sneezing, coughing and feeling sick, all leading to irritable employees. To ensure a productive environment, regularly have your building’s air ducts cleaned to remove pollen, dust particles and other common allergens. The workspace will be sanitized of these allergens, making it a safer work environment.

Banishes odors

Not only does cleaning office air ducts remove built-up dirt, dust, pollen and other allergens, the process also removes unpleasant odors. It’s unfortunate, but an area with a lot of people will accumulate all sorts of smells, like body odor, stinky shoes, hot food smells and perfume or cologne scents. These odors will settle and take up residence in the carpet, window treatments, clothes and even people’s hair.

Eliminates pest waste and debris

As gross as it sounds, waste and debris from rodents, insects, bugs and other pests will almost always end up in ductwork—no matter how clean your air ducts are. In fact, the pests themselves can also be in your ducts. All this pest debris and other eliminations will eventually release into the office for everyone to breathe when the air is turned on. Routine air duct cleaning can create a cleaner, healthier work environment.

Don’t put off air duct cleaning any longer! Treat your office building like your home and make sure the air is safe and healthy to breathe. For quality air duct and commercial cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN, look no further than the experienced team at Pro Clean Building Services, Inc. Call us to schedule an office air duct cleaning this season!

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