The Secret to Cleaning with pH Levels in Mind

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When it comes to cleaning carpets or upholstery, it may seem reasonable to grab any type of cleaner and start scrubbing to remove stains and soils. However, this is a big mistake because of one crucial component of cleaning: pH levels. pH plays an integral role in cleaning products because of its ability to damage fibers and dyes.

Professionals who do carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN understand that selecting cleaning products with the proper pH is important to both effectively cleaning the soil and preventing irreversible damage. If you’re wondering why pH matters so much, here’s the secret to keeping pH levels in mind.

The basics of pH

pH, or the potential for hydrogen, is a measure of the degree of acidity and alkalinity of a given solution. pH can fall on a scale between 0 and 14; a pH between 0 and 6 is considered acidic, where a pH between 8 and 14 is considered alkaline. A solution with a pH of 7 is considered neutral, such as purified water. Each step up or down on the pH scale represents an acidity or alkalinity 10 times stronger than the one before it.

Solutions of 0 or 14 pH are considered extremes and are extremely corrosive. These solutions are the most intense acids or alkali. In general, these extremes would not be put to use to clean your carpets or upholstery; however, some soils require more intense acids or alkali such as a solution with a pH of 12.

pH and carpet cleaning

Science lesson aside, why does pH matter? Well, ultimately, selecting an appropriate pH level ensures the effectiveness of the solution’s cleaning ability without damaging fibers or dyes in your carpet. Carpets and furniture are made of vastly different materials, meaning a solution that helps clean one thing may actually damage another.

In general, carpets and upholstery will suffer from oily soils, which require alkaline solutions to remove. Some soils will need to be addressed with solutions that are more acidic in nature, though.

To avoid causing damage to your carpets, professional carpet cleaners will identify the fibers used in your carpets and select the cleaning solution that is most appropriate for the job. Most of today’s carpets are synthetic, made of nylon or polyester, so professionals tend to avoid solutions with a pH higher than 10, which can cause damage. Not all damage is immediately apparent when the incorrect pH is used, nor is all damage irreversible, but it’s important that your carpet cleaner know the difference in pH levels and how to properly administer them during carpet cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN.

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