How to Get Your Security Deposit Back with Residential Cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN

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Nobody wants to lose their security deposit when they decide to move out of their apartment or rental home. Deposits can range widely in price, anywhere from $100 to thousands depending on where you’re renting, what your credit score is like, who your landlord is and how big your apartment or rental home is. Even though security deposits are meant to be refundable, anyone who has endured the move-out process knows that it isn’t as simple as packing up a moving van and picking up your check. Many landlords will try to keep some or all of your deposit by allocating charges to your account that would be covered by the deposit.

In order to avoid this, you can follow some helpful tips to help you get your deposit back in full, including securing professional services to provide residential cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN:

  • Give sufficient notice: Giving your landlord sufficient notice of your move is very important, especially if you are planning on leaving before your lease officially ends. Provide your landlord with at least 30 days of notice prior to your move; this will allow them to plan ahead by advertising the vacancy of your unit.
  • Follow the terms of your lease: If you are breaking your lease early, it is important that you follow the agreement set by your lease terms. In some cases, landlords will allow you to break your lease as long as you find tenants who can continue to lease the apartment that you are vacating.
  • Request to be present during the inspection: After you move out, your landlord will perform the inspection of your unit to determine whether your deposit will be returned. Make sure to be present to ensure that your landlord does not exaggerate issues or charge you for cleaning or repair services that are unnecessary just so that they don’t have to return your deposit.
  • Invest in residential cleaning: Instead of attempting to scrub your apartment down from top to bottom on your own, it is a good idea to hire a cleaning service that has experience providing move-out cleaning services. While this will cost a little bit up front, it is worth it when you consider that residential cleaning in Fort Wayne, IN can help you get your deposit back in full. Whenever you have any cleaning or maintenance done in your apartment, it is important that you document it and keep it for your records. This way, you can prove to your landlord that you had the service performed.

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